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🦁 server-side mod for creating & tracking waypoints (fabric 1.14-1.14.1)

Play on Minecraft 1.14 & 1.14.1

Pride is a server-side mod for creating & tracking waypoints. To get started, install Fabric. Then, drop the pride.jar from CurseForge into the /mods/ folder on your server, or for singleplayer worlds, into your own .minecraft folder. Unlike most modpacks and tools, Pride lets you keep track of each other without the use of any dependencies and should not significantly alter the vanilla experience. Although relatively simple in its design, this plugin aims to be really useful and offer a nice supplement to the built-in navigation features of Minecraft.

How to Play

/pride -- List Pride commands
/settle  -- Create a new area
/abandon  -- Remove an existing area
/compass  -- Point compass towards an area
/nearby -- List nearby areas
/nearbypage  -- List nearby areas by page
/areas  -- List areas alphabetically
/far  -- Check your distance from an area
/here -- List the areas at your location
/between , -- Distance between 2 areas
/north -- Point compass north from your position
/appear  -- Teleport to area
/suppress -- Stop getting Pride messages


(c) 2019 Julian (insanj) Weiss & Anna Raykovska. Made with 💚 in Brooklyn. insanj.com.


See [LICENSE](https://github.com/insanj/pride/blob/master/LICENSE). (c) 2019 Julian Weiss.