Jungle Edge Taiga Mountains
May 01, 2019

Rare taiga mountains biome with coarse dirt, berries, mossy cobblestone, and podzol (as well as tall spruce trees) found next to a jungle edge biome. This is a sigificant distance away from the central Bamboo Jungle base, and it is better to travel via the Coral Reef base instead. Although no major bases were built anywhere near here, it should be navigable by water or air (land not recommended).

        x: -9678
        y: 64
        z: -12474

Bamboo Plains Villager City
May 01, 2019

Julian’s custom vertical village built north of the Bamboo Jungle base, where the biome turns into a plains briefly. Entrances to a large abandoned mineshaft can be found underground, although no direct pathways were made. There should be many different kinds of villagers, especially librarians, in this prismarine structure. Directly adjacent to this base are savannah and desert biomes with areas of their own.

        x: -16310
        y: 62
        z: -10505

Bamboo Plains & Desert Mine
May 01, 2019

Mines south of the Bamboo Jungle, found underneath the Villager City/Farm built out of prismarine in the plains biome. Entrances can be found in the plains itself as well as towards the desert and savannah to the east, which brings it closer to the Sand Village which has Anna’s custom librarian house build.

        x: -16604.797
        y: 39
        z: -10591.689

Bamboo Ocean Stronghold
May 01, 2019

End Stronghold found north of the main Bamboo Jungle base. Exposed underwater, is directly next to the Ocean Monument which Anna & Julian raided in March 2019.

        x: -16788
        y: 34
        z: -12538

Bamboo Ocean Monuments
May 01, 2019

Two Ocean Monuments discovered north of the Bamboo Jungle, both very close to each other, as well as the End Stronghold (found underwater) and the larger underwater ruins (nicknamed the Trident City).

        x: -16788--16174
        y: 0
        z: -12538--11909

Bamboo Jungle!
May 01, 2019

Anna & Julian’s Base in the first Bamboo Jungle found on the server post-1.14 (in March 2019).

        x: -16299
        y: 78
        z: -11032

Acacia Village
April 01, 2019

        x: -4084.27
        y: 67.94
        z: -14827.95